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To Heal Your Soul

Embark on a transformative experience to heal your emotions and free your heart through the creation of art.

Are you ready to…

Feel less anxious and be more energized?

Release those tough feelings that have been pent up inside of you for so long?

Have an important place on your own “to do” list and know that your needs and wants matter?

Watch my welcome video to learn more about my journey and how art can be a tool for your own transformation and healing.

Intuitive art for self healing

Revolutionary Love is a movement. It is about learning to listen to and honor the wisdom of who you are. It is knowing that there is an answer to every question you have and that it resides within you. ART is the catalyst.

Join the Revolutionary Love movement and harness the power of art to clear away the stress, anxiety, and tension that keep you from feeling free, joyful and empowered and to take steps in your life that are aligned with YOU.

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