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My name is Tera Balog, Ph.D. and I am a mixed media intuitive artist. I started painting at the age of 40 in response to a deep longing to express myself through movement and color. This longing augmented my lifelong healing journey and exploration of energy through my connection with nature and God.

I create paintings that arrive from an intuitive space. I allow color choice and brush stroke to arrive spontaneously bridging energy from God into the physical world. The resulting image serves as a mirror that invites the viewer to further explore their inner landscape; to tap more fully into joy, release trapped emotions in the body or connect more deeply to a place of inner peace and tranquility.

Through my art, workshops and classes my goal is to help people come home to the wisdom and brilliance of their own being, to know that they have the ability to move through challenging emotions, heal themselves and to embody greater joy and peace. My deep desire is to help other women come to know themselves as deeply powerful and sovereign. To be able to listen within for the whispers that want to have a voice. To follow the joy, the purpose, the passion that is yearning for expression in the world.

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Before I began painting at the age of 40 I had so many areas of my life that required healing AND I had an overabundance of creativity that didn’t fully have an outlet. I worked in higher education for 15 years and was CONSTANTLY looking for ways to channel my creative energies, but nothing ever quite filled the gap. I created and hosted hundreds of events, designed peer leadership programs, creativity circles, classes, but I never explored my own artistic voice through an art-based medium.

When I was laid off from my job at an ART COLLEGE I was forced to examine what would fill the very apparent gap in my heart and to explore how to heal myself whole. This lay off was devastating to my self esteem, but also a huge WAKE UP CALL to what would bring greater meaning and fulfillment to my life. I felt very tied to my profession because I had committed so much time and energy to it, including earning a Ph.D!

What followed in the years after leaving higher education was a deep dive into all the repressed feelings I had held inside using art, meditation and nature. The most profound being ART! I am amazed time and time again about the healing power of art. It’s ability to transform the challenging into the beautiful, the stuck into movement, the unclear and repressed into clarity and healing. Intuitive art has changed me.

I have finally arrived at a place on my journey where I am ready to share with others some of the magical healing capabilities of art. My goal is not to impart fancy techniques or teach you how to paint like me, but rather to help you tap into your own innate healing abilities. To better hear the voice of your inner wisdom, one that will tell you what color to use and where to make your next mark. A voice that is YOURS alone and that will guide you into creating and healing in a way that is most resonant for YOU.