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Coming Home To Your Heart Oracle Deck

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USD $44.00
Coming Home To Your Heart Oracle Deck
Coming Home To Your Heart Oracle Deck

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Coming Home To Your Heart Oracle Deck

USD $44.00
Model Number: coming-home-to-your-heart-oracle-deck
52 cards + 1 wild card, instructions card, 8-page interpretation booklet, and storage box
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Manufacturer: Tera Balog
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What does Coming Home to Your Heart mean?
You carry within you a knowing of the wholeness and magnificence of who you are.  You come to earth and forget the beauty of your own soul and the grandeur of your gifts. Life presents you with obstacles and challenges.  These bumps in the road are opportunities; they are wake-up calls from the divine about how to get in alignment with your joy, purpose, destiny. When you come home to your heart, you invite yourself to remember your wholeness, you embody the true nature of your soul and you begin to live a life that sustains and uplifts you. You fulfill your sacred potential and divine mission. 

How to Use This Deck:
This deck is a compass to assist in guiding you back to the wisdom of your heart and spirit, your innate wisdom. The images in this deck are sacred and healing and communicate in ways words cannot. The images take you to the space between, a place of receptivity, to help you shift vibrationally to match your true nature. By utilizing this deck you are giving permission for divine assistance to enter your life and to open your eyes to any blocks that may be holding you back. 

Included with the deck is an instructions card that offers you 5 card spread options. You can also use any type of reading you feel guided to use! Set your intention and go! You will pull cards aligned with the question or intention that you set. 

As a special bonus, there are 4 elements cards (earth, wind, fire, air) and a wild card. The 4 elements cards can help you to balance an aspect of yourself that needs a little extra attention. The wild card is subject to your interpretation, but holds powerful healing and light energy to assist you on your journey. 

The Deck Includes:

  • 52 oracle cards with images from intuitively guided individual paintings
  • A bonus wild card subject to personal interpretation
  • Instructions card for optional card spreads
  • 8-page booklet with interpretations for each card
  • Custom designed rigid box to store your cards and keep them in great condition
  • Cards measure 4.75 inches x 2.75 inches
  • Smooth matte finish which makes for effortless shuffling
  • Each shrink-wrapped deck arrives in a beautiful box and is packaged with love and care
  • Shipped in a recyclable box with recyclable filler to arrive safely to you

This deck was created over the course of more than a year! Each of the original cards were hand painted utilizing my intuitive painting process.  I connected with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, animal spirits and God to bring forward each healing image.

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