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Revolutionary Love:
Guidance Into Your Heart Through Art



Women ready to learn how to use art as a tool to move through tough emotions



Begins Feb. 14, 2022, Mondays 12-1:30pm EST, 6 Sessions



Online via Zoom





“The number one thing you taught me was trusting my inner guidance. This last year my intuition has skyrocketed. You always encouraged me to trust it. No judgment. I also loved learning to paint without having a specific thing in mind- to just let go and let it flow. I think a big part of my intuition developing was from painting because I would meditate with my hand on the center of it after it dried. It always amazed me what would come through or messages I would hear. Painting was grounding for me and gave me clarity.”
Megan | Knightdale, North Carolina


“Working with Tera has expanded my toolbox of self knowing, expansion and awareness of things that I didn’t know existed that are right there to assist me! Tera’s calm and grounded way helps me open to new activations and skills. So happy to expand through the knowledge she shares and journeys she offers!”
Cyn | Asheville, NC

Week 1: Permission to Play

Making marks
Practice playing with different art supplies
How music can affect mood

Week 2: LOVE of Color

The healing properties of colors
How to know when to select what color?
The power of color to convey feeling

Week 3: Allowing Emotion

Tuning into emotions in the body and where they may be stuck
Using art as a tool to flow through emotions

Week 4: Art as a mirror for YOU

How what you create holds messages on a deeper level
Learning to interpret what you create to move through challenging emotions

Week 5: HEART Process

Learn my HEART process for moving through challenging emotions
Identify a challenging emotion/circumstance you would like to address and begin to address through art

Week 6: HEART Process Continued

A second week of utilizing the HEART process and addressing challenging emotions

Ready to begin the revolution?

There is this belief that to be creative or to be an artist requires an art degree or the ability to draw anything you see. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Art is about self expression, movement, feeling. It’s about releasing what’s pent up inside of you.

We have been taught to believe that art is something that only some people can do and that to do it “right” means it will be hanging in a gallery or an art museum or a millionaires’ mansion.

What if we started to reframe how we see art? Believing that we are all born as artists and that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” art. What if ALL art has a purpose and it’s bigger and grander than anything we could ever imagine?

What if ART is the greatest tool we have ever been given for personal transformation? What if creating art was the fastest ticket to embody self love?

This is what Revolutionary Love is all about.

This class is for you if:

  • You want to learn more about the power of color and movement and words to transform you from the inside out
  • You want to tap more intentionally into your own healing capabilities through art
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life and your healing
  • You are done seeking outside of yourself for the answers
  • You want a tool that you can utilize anytime/anywhere
  • You are ready to create change in your life

Revolutionary love is learning to listen to and honor all of you.

Revolutionary Love is knowing that you have all of the tools inside of you to heal physically,
emotionally, spiritually.

Revolutionary Love is learning to hear and trust what is right for you. Your body, your mind, your

The revolution is knowing that no one else has the answers for you, but YOU. Your heart knows
the way if you can get quiet enough to hear it.

You are your own healer.

All the answers you seek are within you. All of the healing you desire is within you. All of the joy, the passion, the purpose, the peace, the possibility is within you.

Somewhere along the way most of us were taught that we were separate from ourselves and our natural healing abilities. That someone else certainly held all the answers we were seeking.


I didn’t find the answers I was seeking by turning to anybody else; by listening to a podcast, taking a class or reading a book. I didn’t suddenly learn to trust myself by seeing an energy healer or going to a therapist. Did these things assist me on some level?Absolutely. Did it feel good to know that I was doing SOMETHING for my growth and well-being? You bet. But deep
down, I was seeking something more that no one else could offer me. I was looking for something that all the money in the world can’t buy.

I wanted to learn to trust myself.

For the longest time I felt like someone else knew what was best for me. That they could see, know, help me heal in a way no one else could. I thought they had more knowledge, insight, and intuition than I did. It was like an addiction, this external seeking. Someone certainly had the answers to all of my questions!! And you know what? I was right. Someone DID have all the

That someone was ME.

Art was the medium through which this self trust began to grow. Intuitive art allowed me to explore and come face to face with aspects of myself that had been hidden away. I started to become aware of the incessant voices in my head and I learned tools to take me beyond them. By playing with color I learned how to move through challenging emotions. By making different
kinds of marks I was able to express myself in ways that I couldn’t through words.

Creating art allowed me to connect more deeply with God. Art became a direct conduit for me to experience
greater peace, clarity and joy and the deepest connection to myself I have ever known.

My goal is not to impart fancy techniques or teach you how to paint like me, but rather to help
you tap into your own innate healing abilities. To better hear the voice of your inner wisdom, one
that will tell you what color to use and where to make your next mark.

As you align with the wisdom of your heart, everything in your life changes for the better because you are no longer at odds with yourself. You’re no longer forcing yourself into a box that is not yours to fit in. There’s no freedom in trying to be what someone else wants you to be. Freedom lies in honoring who you are and living the song that lives in your heart. The answers may start small, like a tiny, tiny whisper. But as you honor, acknowledge and begin to act, the voice grows stronger, louder, and the answers become clearer. You gain confidence in the steps you take and you feel stronger, more sovereign, more joyfu:


Ready to begin the revolution?